Welcome to my blog

Hello, and welcome to my blog. This is a place I hope to showcase my thoughts on code, technology, music, anything else I think is cool, and what it's like to be a dad.

So, what is this site running? Well, I recently discovered DigitalOcean, which offers VPS hosting targeted at developers. Having full root-level access to my own server (droplet in DigitalOcean parlance) is a big plus to me, especially after shared hosting. Plus, the price point and interface make it easy to spin up a server quickly if I want to do some experimentation.

This blog is currently running on Ghost, which is built on Node.js. Before I settled on Ghost, I did some research into various blogging platforms. I have experience with Wordpress, which I think is fine for a lot of applications, but I wanted something more geared toward developers. Wordpress's WYSIWYG editor kind of always drove me nuts. Plus, I wanted something based on Node because I had recently used it at work and wanted more experience with it.

I took a hard look at several static site generators. Static sites are cool because there's no backend database, just html content that is built by the generator and uploaded to your site. That makes them very fast and secure. But the downside is that you have to synchronize your site across any machines you might be using to develop it. Not a huge deal, but since on any given day I might use a Linux box, a Mac, and / or my work Windows machine, it could become a bit cumbersome. That's where Ghost comes in. I can edit and create posts directly on my site, there are a ton of templates, and plenty of good documentation for developers that I can use to customize my site. Obviously at the moment I'm using a template out of the box, but I will soon be tweaking things to my satisfaction. Check back soon for details!